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ROSADO CONSULTING for Change in Human Systems operates on the basis of four values.

The Unity of the Human Family: All humans belong to one family, which has a single origin. Therefore, any type of divisive classification along biological or cultural differences is rejected.

The Diversity of the Human Family: The way each human group adapts to its environment is varied. No two groups, let alone two individuals, experience the world in the same way. Therefore, any attempt to erase differences is undesirable. Diversity is an asset that makes human life rich. It is not a liability.

The Equality of the Human Family: All humans have the same intrinsic worth before their Creator and before the law of human government. Therefore, any form of discrimination of the weak by the strong is a violation of this intrinsic right.

The Interdependence of the Human Family: All forms of life on Planet Earth are interdependent and interconnected in a vast and intricate network of relationships, the web of life. Therefore, our survival as a planet calls for compassion, cooperation and the creation of inclusive, sustainable, caring communities. These are social and cultural environments in which we can satisfy our needs and aspirations without diminishing the chances of future generations. [Fritjof Capra, The Web of Life, Anchor Books, 1996.]




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