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A World In Flux

We live in a rapidly changing world. The dynamic waves of millennial change -- some of them at the rate of nanoseconds -- have given rise to social forces that are creating havoc to our beliefs, comfort zones, and understanding of the world. These forces are changing the socio-cultural landscape of our world right before our very eyes.

"Like migrating tectonic plates, several core ways of thinking -- paradigms, if you will -- are grinding against each. These deep rubs echo in major eruptions at the surface. The shock waves rock cultural groups, redraw national boundaries, redefine markets, and rewrite futurists' scenarios. The [social] quakes reverberate in geopolitics, race relations, ethnic conflicts, religious schisms, gender relations, education, business, the environment, criminal justice, and our ongoing questions about morality and what is right" (Don E. Beck and Christopher C. Cowan, Spiral Dynamics: Mastering Values, Leadership, and Change, Blackwell, 1996).

No aspect of society is left untouched by these forces of change.

In this exciting time of social upheaval and cultural ferment, some people will be knowledgeable players in the game of understanding and implementing change. Others will be confused bystanders lost in a vacuum of social ignorance and refusal to accept the reality and dynamics of the waves of change.

How do human systems, at individual and institutional levels, make sense of these transformations? That's the role of ROSADO CONSULTING for Change in Human Systems.

Caleb Rosado has been working with human systems since 1978, seeking to help them understand the forces for change, and how to respond to these in a proactive rather than reactive manner. This response arises out of a sense of vision, values, and mission, the various elements of which are captured in the logo.



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